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Hoper Reserve

Region: Chernozemie 

Voronezh region

The reserve was established in 1935 to preserve the habitats in the Hoper river valley.

Geographical highlights
It is situated in the eastern part of the Voronezh region. It was created in 1935. Total area is 16.2 thousand ha. It is located on the south-eastern part of Oksko-Donskaya lowland, in the valley of the Hoper river. Relief of the right slope is plateau, crossed by the ravines; the left slope is a terrace above the flood plain. The main part of the reserve comprises flood plains with bank swells and a lot of former river beds and lakes.

Flora and Fauna
During spring flooding time 80% of the area are under the water; it determines the specific evolve of flood plain ecosystems. Forests cover about 80% of the area. Flood plain oak forests prevail ( about 10 different types ); mainly they are 80-100 years old. The unique objects are old (70 - 90 years) black alder forests. Also there are some plantations of white and black poplars and elms. There are some pine trees about 100 years. On the right slope one can find patterns of steppe. Great area is covered by grasslands. Flora comprises 1019 species except 109 water species. Fauna consists of about 50 species of mammals and comprises such ones as elk, roe, badger sika deer (acclimatised), wild boar, wolf, fox, marten . Beaver has also been acclimatised. The most characteristic dweller of the zapovednik is desman. ( it is in the Red Data Set Book of IUCN and Russia). Rare bird species comprise white tailed eagle, peregrine falcon, fish hawk, golden eagle and imperial eagle can be met in winter time. 37 species of fish include carp, roach, perch, pike, sometimes one can see sterlet, river lamprey.

What to see

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