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Green Ring Extended eco-tours

The Green Ring of Moscow includes 7 protected natural areas: 3 nature reserves Central-Forest, Prioksko-Terrasny, Oksky, and 4 national parks: Ugra, Pleshcheevo Lake and Smolenskoe Poozerye. All of them are situated relatively close to Moscow, so here you may start or continue your acquaintance with nature protected areas of Russia.

Each area has its own distinctive features, its very own business card. These features include: relict old spruce forests, oak and pine forests, rare plant, animal and bird species, picturesque landscapes, bison breeding centers, a rehabilitation centre for orphaned bear cubs, a breeding centre for rare crane species as well as museums and monasteries.

Extended tours along the Green Ring give an opportunity to visit all protected natural areas within the region and get overall impression of nature reserves and national parks located in the moderate climate in Russia. Apart from nature wonders you will enjoy small ancient Russian towns situated close to the visited nature reserves. The majority of them have centuries-long history, and you will get acquainted with their museums, monasteries, numerous churches as well as learn some ethnographical and cultural features of the region. The whole tour is for 9 days, but you can divide it into 2 parts, or customize your own program with a focus on those natural areas that are mostly interesting for you.



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