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Bamboo eco-tours

In Japanese art, bamboo symbolizes prosperity and peace and, as an evergreen plant, longevity. The plant is solid and durable embodying strength of will and steadfastness… That is why we decided to call our tours Bamboo tours: travel is the best medicine for the body and soul, it makes you brave and develops peoples' character.

Bamboo doesn't grow in our climate; it's too cold for it: tours founded here are trips to far distant lands and countries where summer's changed to winter and winter's been lost forever.  Bamboo tours as the bamboo itself are 'evergreen' so you can set off for the trip in any season even in hardest frost.

Try to imagine yourself setting out. What are your goals? What are you anticipating from your travels? To relax by the sea, to engage in sporting activities, see the sights or perhaps something else? The trips, we at Bamboo Tours cultivate for you, are developed especially for those, who want to combine pleasure with activity. You can visit countries in the north, south, east or west, get acquainted with local culture and see how local people live whilst enjoying the purity of your natural surroundings preserved in the national parks. You'll visit historically significant places and will have a look at unique architectural monuments. It is from this distinctive combination that ecological tourism is made.
There is so much beauty in the world to behold - there’s no time to lose…



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