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Do you love nature, want to stand up for environmental conservation or have decided to devote your life to the protection of threatened species of wildlife? Or maybe you just cannot find a nice place to spend your summer holidays with your limited budget; but the desire to go somewhere and make something useful in this world burns inside you? Then take a look at the section "Volunteers required", where you can find the list of inquiries of the reserves and national parks seeking volunteer assistance and support. In the same section, you can find vacancies from our Ecological Travel Center - we are too in need of young and active people, thirsting for work!

It is not obligatory to be an expert in zoology, botany or ecology. Very often in the reserves there are simply no people who can and wish to help. It could be creative design, care of animals in nurseries, counting migratory birds, detour of cordons or many other things. Everyone can find a place to their personal liking! Outgoing staff of the protected areas will gladly assist you in any way possible, and will support all your undertakings. Volunteers will have the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge about conservation, and the ecology of the local area, to feel in unity with nature. And we are also sure that you will make new friends there!

If you have not found employment suitable for you in our list of inquiries, do not despair! Send us the resume, with the detailed description of your skills, what you would like to do, and where you would like to work. We place your resumes in the section «Volunteers search for work ". Perhaps, your skilful, clever fingers are exactly what is needed somewhere …

Dare to do it!  Make your own contribution to the development of the preserved areas and protection of our nature!


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