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The Ecological Travel Centre participates in a number of Russian and international research projects supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Tacis Partnership and Co-ordination Programme, Federal Agency For Nature Conservation (Germany). These projects aim to draw public attention to the problems faced by Nature Protected Areas (NPA)and raise additional financial support for NPA, develop ecotourism programs and create jobs.

We have organized conferences and seminars to exchange experience and ideas. These events have brought together staff from the Reserves.

We provide lectures and field excursions for students and specialists in different natural sciences under the leadership of Russian scientists. We publish illustrated catalogues and guidebooks, video films, and multimedia presentations on ecotourism in Russia's Protected areas to potential visitors.

We are interested in collaborating with state and private institutions. We are open for ideas on mutual co-operation and projects aimed at developing ecotourism in Russia and biodiversity conservation.

Current projects

Accomplished projects



Late availability:

28.05.22 - 08.06.22
Commanders - birding wonderland

31.05.22 - 13.06.22
Yenisey - birds of Central Siberia

04.06.22 - 10.06.22
Baikal Lake birding

08.06.22 - 17.06.22
Sayan ring

26.06.22 - 08.07.22
Altai - Listening to the sky

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