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The White Sea Whales - Karelia

Region: Karelia 

White whales inhabit Arctic seas - The White and The Kara seas. The accumulation of the animals just 15 meters away from Beluzhy cape is considered unique in the world.
White whales have attracted people's attention since long ago, their images can be found in petroglyphs along the White Sea coast.

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Photogallery of tour:

Solovetsky monastery view
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Solovki Botanical garden
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White whale of Solovki islands
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Day 1

Arrival to Kem railway. Transfer to the harbour, departure to Solovki by boat at 11:00 a.m. Accommodation in "Solo" hotel.
History and architecture of the Solovki monastery walking tour.
Lunch in a cafe (personal expence).
Optional excursion "Boat trip to Bolshaya Muksalma island".
Dinner in the hotel.

Day 2

First meeting with the whales! Tour to Beluzhy cape (bus and 5km by foot): landscapes and climate of the archipelago, whale watching.
Lunch (personal expence).
Optional excursions to to Sekirnaya mount, Saint Ascension small monastery and Botanical garden.
Return to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 3

Sea excursion to Bolshoy Zayatsky Island. The biggest in Europe collection of Neolithic constructions (labyrinths, burial mounds and ancient sanctuaries) of II - I cent. is situated here.
Walking tour to the cape of labyrinths at the White Sea shore and to the sea museum. On the ground floor of the museum there is an exposition dedicated to Saint Peter historic yacht.
Whale watching tour on hydrofoil.
Back to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 4

Breakfast. Free time.
Lunch (personal expence).
16:00 Boat trip back to the continent.
18:30 Arrival in Kem.
Dinner in a cafe.
Walking tour to the "Island" movie shooting area.
Transfer to the railway station.


19 800 RUB per person in a group of 10. For the smaller group price calculates individually. 
3000 RUB single supplement.

transfer railway station - hotel - railway station, accommodation, meals acording to the program, excursions, sea trip Kem - Solovki - Kem, Russian guide
getting to Kem'', personal expences, lunches, optional excursions, medical insurance.


Additional services, expenses:

Accommodation in "Solo" hotel. Rooms with facilities for block of two appatements. There is a cafe in the hotel. 
If you arrive in Kem in the evening before the tour starts, we can book hotel "Prichal" for you. 


The schedule of tours depends on low tide periods and may vary. Whale watching tours do not take place in stormy weather.

General info:






motor boat, bus


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