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Yuri Gerasimov info@ecotravel.ru

Yuri Gerasimov

Yuri is the key ornithologist of the Kamchatka peninsula nowadays. He contunue the brilliant ornithological dynasty of his father. He is an author of more than 450 scientific publications, 80 of which are in English and Japanese. Being a member of boards of directors of all significant Russian and international ornithological organisations he remains a very gentle and reliable companion to the wild nature of Kamchatka. Specialization - Birdwatching.

Dina Gusein-Zade info@ecotravel.ru

Dina Gusein-Zade

Dina is a restless traveller, people person and a perpetual motion. She gratuated from Moscow State University, Geographical faculty and dedicate her life to travels. She visited most of the russian regions and over 40 countries. Besides, she regularly improve her skills by taking rescue courses or getting boat driving liсense. Specialization - Explorer's Expeditions, Wilderness eco-tours, Green Ring Extended eco-tours.

Ekaterina Kondratyeva info@ecotravel.ru

Ekaterina Kondratyeva

Katya was born in a forester family in Komsomolsk-na-Amure. Her dedication to nature of her motherland is in her blood. She works in Komsomolsky nature reserve for 10 years and participate in many nature conservation projects. Her leisure time she spends travelling and guiding. Specialization - Wilderness eco-tours.

Yuri Anisimov info@ecotravel.ru

Yuri Anisimov

Yuri is a proffessional ornithologist. After graduating from Russian Agricaltural University in Moscow he moved to Baikal to study birds migration at the ringing station of the Baikalsky nature reserve. He doesn't give up his passion even during vacations - he spend them on the Barents sea shore ringing and studing Barnacle Goose. Specialization - Birdwatching, Wilderness eco-tours.

Veronika Samotskaya info@ecotravel.ru

Veronika Samotskaya

Nika is a professional ornithologist, graduated from Moscow State University, Biological faculty. She research behavior and acoustic communication of birds for more than 10 years. As an author and scientific editor she collaborate with National Geograpic Russa, Geo and other journals. She has also a certificate of a diving guide and yachting license. Specialization - Birdwatching, Week-End eco-tours, Wilderness eco-tours, Green Ring Extended eco-tours, City wildlife ecotours.

Larisa Basanets info@ecotravel.ru

Larisa Basanets

Larisa has completed her diploma work in Ecotourism. She has experienced life in National Parks and Nature reserves in Russia and has defended her Ph.D. thesis on Russia's ecotourism potential. She is also fond of travelling and has her own list of wonders of the world. Specialization - Wilderness eco-tours, Bamboo eco-tours.

Olga Kistereva info@ecotravel.ru

Specialization - Wilderness eco-tours, Green Ring Extended eco-tours.

Daria Bondar info@ecotravel.ru

Daria Bondar

Daria is a professional zoologist, graduated from Tver University. Her specialization is brown bear, it has determined her life. She worked at the Biological station "Clean forest" for 10 years. She knows all about the station and surrounding forest. While walking aroud the place she got to learn a lot about birds, plants and even stars above here. Her passion is to share her knoweledge with everyone. Specialization - Birdwatching, Week-End eco-tours.

Eugene Potorochin info@ecotravel.ru

Eugene Potorochin

Zhenya was born near one of the oldest birding nature reserve of Russia - Kandalakshsky. It influenced on his profession choice, since he participated in young naturalists groups in the reserve. After graduating from Petrozavodsk university he returned to his motheland and continued here as professional ornithologist. He is one of the authors of "Birding across a border" guidebook. Specialization - Birdwatching, Wilderness eco-tours.

Olga Batova info@ecotravel.ru

Olga Batova

Olga is dreaming to fly like a bird and understand their language since her childhood. She has started from junior biologists club of the Moscow zoo, than Biological faculty of MSU and starting from 1994 she is spending every summer in the Yenisey taiga at the biological station in direct contact with her feathery friends. In winter times Olga is preparing her PhD on sparrow's ecology. Specialization - Wilderness eco-tours, Explorer's Expeditions, Birdwatching.


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