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Olga Batova info@ecotravel.ru

Olga Batova

Olga is dreaming to fly like a bird and understand their language since her childhood. She has started from junior biologists club of the Moscow zoo, than Biological faculty of MSU and starting from 1994 she is spending every summer in the Yenisey taiga at the biological station in direct contact with her feathery friends. In winter times Olga is preparing her PhD on sparrow's ecology. Specialization - Wilderness eco-tours, Explorer's Expeditions, Birdwatching.

Vladimir Sevostianov info@ecotravel.ru

Vladimir Sevostianov

Vladimir is ecologist who has furrowed up and down northern part of the Pacific. Over 10 years of his life he has spent on Kamchatka and Commander's islands. He got huge experience working with international scientific expeditions in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Holland, Belgium and Poland. However, he remains devoted to Kamchatka and Commanders where everyone loves and knows him. Specialization - Birdwatching, Explorer's Expeditions, Wilderness eco-tours.

Elena Makova info@ecotravel.ru

Elena Makova

Elena has fell in love with the Altai Mountain since she was a child. She got her knowledge about the Nature and birds at the Altai State University. The amazing world of birds with their behavior, voices, diversity have always interested her . She took part in many ecological camps, projects, scientific expeditions. She is dreaming of living in ecovillage, working in ecotourism. Specialization - Birdwatching, Explorer's Expeditions.

Elena Nikolaeva info@ecotravel.ru

Elena Nikolaeva

Lena is the greatest profi in tourism and eco-tourism, though she didn't get special travel education. She got vast experience while working in large tourist companies specialising in incoming tours to Russia. This gave her an opportunity to travel all over the country. And her geographical background and personal interests have added USA, Canada and many European countries to her world map. Specialization - Birdwatching, Explorer's Expeditions, Week-End eco-tours, Wilderness eco-tours, Green Ring Extended eco-tours.

Daria Morozova info@ecotravel.ru

Daria Morozova

Daria - One more soil scientist for the ETC team. She is a smart and hard worker and can handle 100 tasks at one time and do each perfectly. She likes fishing and extreme traveling, paragliding, snowboarding and traveling the world hitchhiking. In May 2006 she defended her Ph.D. thesis on ecosystems recovering after the fires. Specialization - Week-End eco-tours, Green Ring Extended eco-tours.

Vlad Balashov info@ecotravel.ru

Specialization - Bamboo eco-tours.

George Kalmykov info@ecotravel.ru

George Kalmykov

Specialization - Bamboo eco-tours.

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