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Guided Birding in Moscow Main Botanical Garden on May 12.

English speaking birding excursion will start at 6:30 am for a small group of birdlovers from Mariott Grand hotel (26/1 Tverskaya Street) or one can join in the garden at approx.7 am. There are 2 places available in the group.
Price per person is 5100 RUB.
(3-5 hours walk in the forest). Binoculers could be provided on request.

The garden is a perfect place for forest birds such as warblers, thrushes, pipets, woodpeckers and owls. The garden also has several small rivers and ponds where one can see ducks and seagulls. There is a good variety of different types of forest, bushes and gardens inhabited by different birds. During the excursion we expect to watch more than 50 species of birds.

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New tours:

Altai - Listening to the sky

Altai - Listening to the sky

Welcome to the golden mountains of Altai!

Our trip starts by famous Chuisky road and leads to the two most exciting spots in the region - plateau Ukok and Teletskoe lake. The speciality of the journey - birds. There are more than 140 species inhabiting Altai. Our experienced guide will show you where they live, what they eat and what they are singing about!

The Sakhalin Odyssey

The Sakhalin Odyssey

Unknown lands of the pristine nature

New grand program of the expedition to Sakhalin island with two days on Moneron is prepared for the most demanding travellers. In 13 days we offer to open the most outlying corners of this mystery land, get acquainted with its wild nature, contradicting history, culture of the ancient and modern inhabitants. During the tour its participants will walk, sail and drive off road along the ancient Japanese roads. And the views.. Better to see once, that 1000 times heared.

Natural mysteries of Baikal

Natural mysteries of Baikal

Enjoy a 14 days cruise around Baikal lake! During one trip you will visit allprotected areas of around Baikal. The most picturesque landscapes and viewpoints, virgin nature, a lot of animals and birds. You will get in touch with the traditional culture of the locals and visit the mostbeautifulpagodas. Complete groups have a discount!

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Volonteers opportunities in Russia National parks and Nature reserves Traditionally we start collecting volonteer's options from Russian National Parks and Reserves for 2017. All vacancies are available here:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you extreme and unbelievable journeys, astonishing discoveries and new meetings!
Mini guidebook life to Russian national parks and nature reserves Celebrating 100 years anniversary of preservation system of Russia we launch project in our Facebook
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