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Dear friends!
According to the recommendations of Moscow governement we work from home starting on 23.03.2020 till the situation with the Corona virus expansion stabilize. 
Contact us on the phone: +7-916-410-66-66 and e-mail:
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New tours:

Baikal Lake birding

Baikal Lake birding
Misterious birding at the Saint sea

Baikal is a mistery. Ever until now local people believe eagle to be a sacred bird. There are lots of eagles breeding in Baikal area - Golden Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Booted Eagle, White-tailed Eagle and Pallas’ Sea Eagle. And there are more than 20 raptor species in total. Hiking through mountain taiga you can hear tender voice of Yellow-browed Bunting and Rubythroat, Charming Siberian Blue Robin. Three-toed woodpecker you would recognize by its yellow cap. Around impetuous mountain rivers and creeks with waterfalls, you can watch fantastic bird – a dipper – diving in icy streams to find there some food. In mountain steppes of Southern Baikal long-tailed Bunting  is one of the common species. Godlewski's Bunting, Eye-browed Thrush and Siberian Thrush are also typical for the area. Elegant Rock Thrush  prefers rocky landscapes.The best time to come is late spring and summer.

Yellow-breasted Buntings orchestra tour

Yellow-breasted Buntings orchestra tour
Late Spring singers concert in the middle-stream of the Volga river

Untouched spruce and fir forests, vast floodplains of the Volga with extensive steppe and marsh areas and agricultural fields surround ancient Russian city Nizhny Novgorod.   These pristine lands attracts various species of birds which spectacular orchestra we intend to enjoy during the week-end escape. Our top-targeted species during the tour are Yellow-Breasted bunting, Azure tit and Paddyfield Warbler. In addition to that marvelous late-spring singers we definetly watch over a hundred  of other species during the tour.

Birds of Arctic - Lena Delta

Birds of Arctic  - Lena Delta

Fragile nature of the Russian Arctic  

In the heart of Siberia, on it's very northern edge there is a fragile tundra world located on the islands in the great siberian river Lena delta. The spring and summer come here very late and just for a short period just enough for the tundra birds to hatch out their young. Each year in early summer many thousands of geese, ducks, swans, different pipers, gulls and terns concentrate at the nesting sites. You have a unique opportunity to be invited to this life's birthday, don't miss it!

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Virtual voyages to Russian national parks and reserves While virus is spreading out all over the world, destinations which were safe yesterday are closing today we offer you 100% virus-free tours to Russian national parks and reserves.
Antivirus tours Virus free destinations in Russian national parks and reserves. Escape from virus and information pressing in isolated locations where one can enjoy beautiful early spring. Digital free.
Volonteers opportunities in Russia National parks and Nature reserves Traditionally we start collecting volonteer's options from Russian National Parks and Reserves for 2020. All vacancies are available here:
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