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Explorer's Expeditions

From ancient times people set off on trips to look at the world and to find themselves. During an epoch of great geographical discoveries, travelling to the far lands and unknown countries involved an increasing quantity of people. Some of them set off to wander for new knowledge and impressions; the others set more specific purposes for themselves.

What purposes are pursued by us, preparing and setting out in the next expedition? We wish to receive exhaustive information on the territory we travel on. To get acquainted with people who live there and love it. To investigate all of the basic components of nature: animals and birds, plants and soils. Each expedition has a leader, the person who will tell and show one everything, and will answer any questions on why, what for, where and how the wild animals live, flowers and trees grow.

Practically each route crosses the territory of Protected Natural Areas (PNA). Have you not been familiar with them yet? These are territories on which any human activity is forbidden, except for research, - the last undeveloped inhabitable places in the world. The nature here is kept in its protogenic, virgin state, animals live there exactly as they did many hundreds and thousands of years ago, the same plants grow in woods, and water in the rivers and lakes of such crystal cleanliness that one can drink it in handfuls. Being there, one would easily forget about presence of the world of cities and machines, TVs, electricity and other 'blessings' of the modern civilization.

In Russia, there are 101 strict nature reserves and 40 national parks. Scientific employees, experts in different areas of natural sciences, are engaged in work in these territories. We shall cooperate with them during our stay in one or another place.

Besides a cognitive component, each expedition is made up of, above all, memoirs and impressions that cannot be bought, but must be experienced, as well as adventures and unforeseen situations, which always occur during a trip. As like-minded people of the same view, and, frequently, way of life, participate in our expeditions, so good company is guaranteed on the trips, and there is a high probability that you will make some friends for life. 



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