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The Sakhalin Odyssey

Region: Far East 
Reserve: Poronaisky Reserve 

Sakhalin Region is the only in Russia located on the 59 islands. It includes Sakhalin island, Moneron and Seal islands and two ranges of the Kuril Islands. The Sakhalin island is separated from the continent by Tatary strait and Nevelsky strait and from Hokkaido island by La Perouse strait. It is washed by warm Japan Sea and cold Okhotsk Sea.
The shape of the island resembles a fish with scales with numerous lakes and rivers from the space view. During our expedition we will travel all over the island from the north to the south. Also if the weather and bureaucratic formalities allow we will spend two unforgettable days at thepearl of the Far East Moneron island.
The route begins from visiting Poronaisky Reserve. On the road we will visit Silent Bay and Silent Cape which is formed by volcanic rocks. At the coast if we are lucky we will be able to find druzes and agates. In the reserve we will be comfortable accommodated and will go on a walk at the reserve territory. Then we will set out to the west coast of the island where we will go on a two-day's walking tour Karbogie Rocks with the overnight stay in tents. From the village Mangiday we will return in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
At the south part of Sakhalin island we will see Cape Giant, ascend on Frog rib and visit sea lion rookery at Kuznetsova Cape. At the last two days we will make a journey at Moneron island where among the wild nature we will meet thousands of sea lions. The waters around Moneron are transparent like a crystal. The bottom is seen even in the depth. It is a dream for underwater photographer. One can cross the island on foot within 5-6 hours but we will spend here almost two days in order to have a rest after exhausting passages on Sakhalin, to walk and enjoy wonderful landscapes.

Our guides

Photogallery of tour:

Arch and Devil's finger on the Velikan cape
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Elephant rock
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Japanese contructions
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1 day

Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Meeting at the airport and departure for Poronaisk. During the trip: stop at Silent Bay. Walking through the outskirts. Lunch.
Arrival in Poronaisk. Accomodation in the hotel. Dinner.

2 day

Breakfast in the hotel.
Departure for Vladimirovo to the tourist camp. Accomodation and lunch.
Boat trip along the coast of Poronaiskiy reserve. Return to the tourist camp. Dinner. Sauna.

3 day

Departure to Poronaiskiy nature reserve.
Walking tour in the reserve. Return to the tourist camp. Dinner. Sauna.

4 day

Departure to the Mangidai. Lunch on road in Poronaisk.
Arrival in Mangidai. Accomodation.
Walking tour along the coast.

5 day

Walking tour Kabarogy Rocks.
Arrival camp site. Setting up a camp. Lunch.
Free time.

6 day

Rocks climbing.
Camp decostruction.
Walk back to Mangiday.
Arrival in Mangidai. Dinner. Packing.

7 day

Departure for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
Lunch in Poronaisk.
Stop at Starodubskoe Starodubskie oaks, trying to find amber.
Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Accomodation in the hotel. Dinner.

8 day

Departure for Cape Giant via Korsakov, Prigorodnoe, Vavaiskie Lakes.
Arrival and excursion along the coast.
Departure from Cape Giant.
Arrival in the settlement Vestochka. Ascending Frog rib.
Return to the hotel. Dinner.

9 day

Departure to Holmsk.
Arrival in Holmsk. Departure for Kuznetsova Cape (4X4 vehicles).
Arrival at the cape. Setting up a camp. Lunch.
Free time. Dinner.

10 day

Walking tour at the cape. Seeing sea lion rookery.
Lunch. Deconstructlon of the camp.
Departure for Holmsk. Arrival in Holmsk. Accomodation in the hotel. Dinner

11 day

Departure for Nevelsk (possible departure from Holmsk at 8 a.m.).
Arrival in Moneron. Accomodation. Lunch.
Free time. Dinner.

12 day

Free time.
Departure for Nevelsk.
Arrival in Nevelsk or Holmsk. Departure for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
Arrival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, accomodation in the hotel Yakor. Dinner.

13 day

Transfer to the airport.
Departure for Moscow.


250 000 RUB per PAX in a group of 8 PAX
Accommodation and meals according to the program, transportation, guiding, equipment rent, medica insurance.
Transport to Sakhalin and back, personal expences.


Encephalitis vaccination is obligatory

General info:

13 days

tents, hotels, tourist camps

full board



auto, boat


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