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Far East

Surrounded by the Sea of Japan, the southern part of the Far East is known as the ‘northern jungle’, a place where the east, west, north and south come together in an astounding way. Our trips give you the opportunity to visit a number of excellent nature reserves.
In the Lazovsky Zapovednik you can see the Siberian tiger, Himalayan black bear and the Amur goral in their natural habitats.

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The Kedrova Pad Zapovednik is the only place in Russian where the Amur leopard is found. Here you have the chance to become acquainted with the field of work of Russian and foreign researchers, who are working to protect endangered and rare species. During a two hour tour in the Sikhote-Alin mountains you will encounter breathtakingly beautiful subtropical rainforest, picturesque coastline, majestic Siberian landscapes and mountain tundra.

In the Dalnevostochny-Morskoy Zapovednik you will be astonished at the teeming underwater kingdom, the only of its kind in Russia. In the company of professional guides, local fisherman and hunters, you will travel on motor boats down the the Bekin River, known as the ‘Russian Amazon’, which winds through virgin subtropical forest. This is a great place for bird lovers. There are over 300 species, many of which are endemic to Asia, and also many migratory species from tundra and northern taiga regions.

Khanka Lake in the Khankaisky zapovednik is the ideal place to observe migratory birds.

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