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Green Ring of Moscow

Especially for those who want to relax in nature over a weekend, we've developed the Green Loop Around Moscow project, which includes seven protected territories - three nature preserves - the Okskiy, Prioksko-Terrasniy and Tsentralno-Lesnoy (Central-Forest), and four national parks - the Ugra, Meschera, Lake Plescheevo and Smolenskoe Poozerie. All of these are located relatively close to Moscow, and form the symbolic green loop around the capital of our country. With these, you can begin, or continue, your familiarity with Russia's protected territories.

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Each territory has its own identifying traits, its own "calling card." They are ancient firs, oak and pine woods, rare species of plants, animals and birds, scenic landscapes, bison nurseries, a rehabilitation center for orphaned bear cubs, a nursery for rare species of cranes, museums and monasteries.

Weekend tours, which you will find in this section, were developed by the staff of the preserves and national parks in conjunction with the Ecological Travel Center within the scope of the Green Loop Around Moscow project. The project was financed by the Institute for Stable Relationships (USA), the US Agency for International Development, and the scientific-industrial informational center "Agronomic Consultations" (Moscow).

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