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Putorana Plateau

The unique Lava Plato is situated far way, behind the Polar circle, in the south of the Taimir peninsular. This breathtaking, mountain country is stretched out 400 km. from North to South, and 500 km. from West to East. It consists of rather young basalt mountains which rose 1600 m. above the sea level in quaternary. These mountains are speckled with deep, rocky canyons and thousands of waterfalls rush down from them. The biggest waterfall is 108 meters high.

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The severe and at the same time striking nature of the Plato remained virgin only because of the Putoran State Reserve’s efforts, (which was established in 1989), and which soon is going to receive the status of World Natural and Cultural Heritage Object (by UNESCO) . The Reserve is inhabited with rain deer, polar wolves, bears, and the endemic of these mountains, the unique animal recorded in the Red Book, the Putaran snow ram (sheep).


Reserves of region:

Putorana Reserve

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