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Plesheevo lake national park

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Orlovskoe Polesie Preserved Meshera

Are you tired of the city bustle, traffic jams, dust and dirt? Yes, Moscow is a restless city! To stay healthy in this metropolis, one needs to spend time every day recovering from the routine created for survival and the preservation of sanity. To avoid having to do that and not getting lost in the reckless rhythm of this crazy city, people discovered holidays.

Many Muscovites like to go away from the city, preferring to be in the countryside near the forest, where one can go foraging for mushrooms & berries, to the river for fishing and swimming, and at the end of the day, simply lie in a hammock reading a book! This is all possible thanks to Mother Natures health-giving healing properties and her foods for the soul.

Two days surrounded by nature can charge you with energy and give you the strength to deal with not only the stresses of the following week but much more! Have you ever felt the satisfaction that comes with staying in a simple forest where none of the hustle and bustle reaches you? The forest is a great place to be, with its calmness and silence. There are only the bird songs, the rustle of leaves, wondrous spider's webs waving in the breeze, sunlight making its way through massive, giant, trees and the incredible bouquet of the forest aroma: conifer sap, wild flowers, foliage and mushrooms bursting into your lungs making your head spin. Its a pity that you cannot take a piece of this wonder with you, but oh! What memories to carry home

It turns out, that even close to Moscow there are still some untouched patches of nature. These are small oases, where everything is under the reign of flora and fauna, and no ones heart remains untouched after having visited here. These lands of the virgin wilderness are called 'zapovedniks' (Russian reserves) and national parks. If you have not visited such places yet, then answer the call of the wild! Those, whove been there once, go back again and again.

So much awaits you in these nature reserves; entertaining programs, interesting excursions into the wild forest and stories of how the reserve was created, its meaning and inhabitants, horse riding, bird watching and observing wild animals in their natural surroundings. The reserves are, probably, the only place, where one can admire the rare wild species of birds and animals without the separation through a cage at the zoo. Then, in the late evening, after all the walks in the forest, you can just sit by the fire with a cup of aromatic tea feasting your eyes upon the starry sky.

Travels on the "Green Ring of Moscow" don't require high levels of fitness or special equipment. That is why you can set off on your travels as with your friends or colleagues so with the whole family and children too.



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