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Fishing in Central Siberia

Fishing tours in Central Siberia take place in the upper reaches of rivers and streams that disembogue Yenisey, as well as on the lakes located far beyond Polar Circle at unique lava plateau Putorano. About 20 fish species inhabit the reservoirs, moreover many of them can not be met in other regions. These are grayling, lenok, loach, Siberian whitefish, Siberian white salmon, pilot fish. Common species can also be met here: pike, dog-fish and perch. In rapids and deep holes lives the sacred dream of the real fisherman – taimen. Many native people of Siberia call taimen with a great respect - “grandfather” and consider it one of their ancestors.

We run the majority of tours with a helicopter (from 40 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes). Duration of the helicopter flight depends on selected species for the fishing, their sizes and stream conditions in the time of tour realization. The fish catching itself is carried out with a spinning from the shore or from the inflatable boat during rafting. It is possible to use a common fishing tackle, short donkey-pumps or fly-fish. The length of the itinerary does not exceed 50-60 km. Overnights are in tents.

Tour schedule is prepared in such a way to assure the most comfortable conditions for rafting and fishing. Usually in August-September the weather is set stable, daily temperatures reach 20 degrees, night ones fall down to 5 degrees. This time there is almost no mosquitos and midge in taiga, and fish is being more active. The group is escorted by experienced fishermen, who guarantee not only the security but also stable catch.

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Great Taimen  (Hucho)
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On the stop
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Amazing Fishing
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1 day

Arrival to Turukhansk, helicopter flight to the starting spot of the trip, camping, fishing

2-7 Days

Rafting and fishing with lunch and overnight stops.

8 Day

Arrival in final spot of the trip, helicopter to Turukhansk in time for the flight Turukhansk-Krasnoyarsk.

Included - all services according to the program upon arrival to Turukhansk or Podkamennaya Tunguska till departure to Krasnoyarsk: rent of the equipment for rafting and fishing in taiga, security and radioconnection, food, fishing licences, tour guides (1 guide per 5 fisherman).
Airtickets Moscow-Krasnoyarsk-Turukhansk (Podkamennaya Tunguska)-Krasnoyarsk-Moscow, helicopter rent, private expences, alcoholic bevareges.


General info:

8 Days


full board



plane, helicopter, boats

summer, fall

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