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The Wrangel island, tour to biodiversity den

Region: Chukotka 

The Wrangel and Gerald islands are inhabited with a very diversed flora and fauna species for Arctic zone. The number of plants, insects, birds species as well as the diversity of plantscombinations is higher thanin any other Arctic island. The natureof the reseve is unique and the biodiversity heresurpass the one of the whole Candian archipelago.
It's the reserve of the white bears, musk-oxes, walruses, Arctic foxes, numerous birds (including Ross' Gull ). The land remained from ancient continent - Berengia. Numerous mammoth remnants dates only 3,5 thousnads years. Paleontologic stands of humans shows that they had lived at the same time with animals.
During the tour one will be able to watch animals and birds inhabit the islands, and the luckiest will meet the last mammoth of nowdays.

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Bear admires sunset
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Longa channel
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1 day

Moscow-Pevek flight.

2 day

Arrival in Pevek.
Tranfer by landrover to the unique hotel, built during Stalin times for communist burocracy.
Free time.
Lunch in the hotel.
Excursion around Pevek to cormorant rocks where gluttons live.
Dinner in the hotel.

3 day

09: 00 Breakfast in the hotel.
10:00 Departure to Komsomolsky settlement (230 km). Flight by helicopter to the Wrangel island.
There is old north-Chukotka road where one can observe Chukotka landscapes, brown bears and reideers.
Accommodation in a hotel upon arrival.
Here, one can meet musk-oxe.
Dinner in a hotel.

4 day

09:00 Breakfast in a hotel.
10:00 Departure by helicopter to the Wrangel island.
13:00 Arrival on the islads, accommodation in a guest house of the reserve.
Safety instructions while the stay in the reserve.
Walk to the walruses lair.

5 day

After breakfast excursion on the quad bikes to Hawaii mountains. After lunch landrover excursion along the Longa bay.

6 day

09:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Departure by landrover to the next overnight stop.
The route goes along the shore up to the ancient human stop. Here white bears are quite often. After a while the coast turns south and the route goes west to the tundra up to Mammoth river. Musk-oxes, polar owl and ducks meets here.
Overnight in the house on the Neozhidannya river.

7 day

09:00 Breakfast.
Trip to East-Siberian sea rocks, where whales sometimes shows in the sea.
Trip to the north of the island till Gusinoe stop.

8 day

09:00 Breakfast.
Trip to the sea, to watch birds colonies.
Lunch pack.
Trip to Komsomol lake where the remnants of first American polar explorers lived and later the Chukchies.
Dinner and overnight in Gusinoe.

9 day

09:00 Breakfast.
Trip to the source of Mammoth river. Lunch pack. Overnight in the guest house on the river.

10 day

09:00 Breakfast.
Trip to Somnitelnoe settelement. Return to the start point. Free time. Dinner. Sauna.

11 day

09:00 Breakfast.
Departure by helicopter to Komsomolsky settelement. Dinner and overnight in a hotel.

12 day

09:00 Breakfast.
Transfer to Pevek by landrover. Accommodation in a hotel. Dinner.

13 day

09:00 Breakfast.
Transfer to airport, departure to Moscow.


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