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Russian e-visa has been finally launched on August 1, 2023


Russian Ministry of foreign affairs start to receive applications for e-visa to Russia from business, private guests and tourists as well as from scientists and some other categories of visitors to Russia.

The launch was postponed since 2020 and was very anticipated. It is expected to stimulate incoming tourism in Russia. The visa cost decreases in 3-4 times. Total fee would be around 52$ for adult  and 2$ for children under 6 years old.
System is more oriented for technological young people, who prefer to organize their trips themselves. The visa is available for citizens of 55 countries od the world. To obtain it one should apply on-line here: https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/index_en.html . It takes 4 days to receive the visa and it gives 16 days stay in Russia.



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