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Volonteers opportunities in Russia National parks and Nature reserves Traditionally we start collecting volonteer's options from Russian National Parks and Reserves for 2024. All vacancies are available here: http://www.ecotravel.ru/eng/vacancy/


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you health and free travelling!


Russian e-visa has been finally launched on August 1, 2023 Russian Ministry of foreign affairs start to receive applications for e-visa to Russia from business, private guests and tourists as well as from scientists and some other categories of visitors to Russia.


Phenological tours New section on our web-site.


The poll s results on our website We've published a poll on our website in November 2021 about travel plans under the Pandemic pressure. Here is the result.


Ecotourism as one of the ESG strategy instruments What SDG one can reach with ecotourism read in the new article on our site in the Pudlications page.


Online office is open We work online despite the COVID hollidays in Russia from 28.10 till 07.11. All requests are accepted by e-mail: info@ecotravel.ru and WhatsApp +7-916-410-66-66.


New poll on the web Tell us, please, how did pandemic affected on your travel plans? Choose your option in a small poll on or web-pages.


Online office Ecotravel Starting from May 24 till September 13, 2021 our office will work online.


The Big Year Our sincere congratulations to all the birders of the world to the International Bird Day! We announce the big birding season 2021 open in Russia.



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