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Travelling in Russia - Tourists' Preferences

Basanets L. P.

Ecological Travel Center has conducted a survey of Inermarket-2010 and MITT-2010 visitors to find out consumer's preferences in journeys around Russia and compare it with Ecological Travel Center clinets'preferences.
Summary of the results: Russian tourists choose destionations for their tours in the Internet, prefer traveling in small groups, they like active tours and excursions and pay around 25 thousand rubles for a tour seven days long. The reasons that limit their journeys around Russia are low level of services and high prices.


Working to get new impressions

Basanets L. P.

Why do people travel to work during their holidays? What kind of tasks do volunteers prefer and what kind of tasks are most important for protected areas? "Working to get new impressions" article in March issue of Ecology and Life" magazine reviews volunteering practices at protected areas in Russia.
The article is based on surveys of young people during Seliger Yougth Forum in 2009, June.

Ecology and Life, #3, 2010


Ecotourist summer in Khakassky reserve

Kim E.

The article introduces to ecotourism potential of Khakassky reserve, its nature and historic sights, infrastructure and factors that currently limit ecotourism development.

Khakassky reserve


Corporate Protection of Wild Nature

Basanets L. P., Kalishevskaya T. A.

Opportunities of corporate volunteering at nature protected areas are discussed in the article. Several options of activities that can become part of corporate volunteering programs are offered, benefits of eco-volunteering for companies and the motivation of employees that take part in the programs are discussed. Examples of corporate sponsorship and volunteering programs in Oksky reserve and national park "Meshera" are given.

Business and Society, #3-4 (52-53), 2009. P. 36-38


Cooperation between travel companies and strictly protected nature areas in Russia

Basanets L. P., Kalishevskaya T. A.

Legal, financial and management aspects of cooperation between travel companies and strictly protected nature areas are considered. Requirements on organizing the most popular tour types are listed. All positions are illustrated with examples from Ecological Travel Center experience.

Samarskaya Luka: Regional and Global Ecological Problems. Samarskaya Luka. 2009 - Vol. 18, #2


Wetlands of the European Russia - guidebook

Pogozhev E. U.

A unique guidebook "Wetlands of the European Russia" has been issued thanks to the support of the Russian program of Wetlands International.
Wetlands play a very important role in the biological cycle, river formation and global warming effect mitigation.
Flora and fauna of the swamps are more unique than of any other planet's ecosystem. Wetlands are a refuge for many birds and other animals.
The guide includes descriptions of five strict nature reserves (zapovedniks), two national parks and two wildlife parks of the European Russia. The guide contains drawing of birds that can be seen at those areas and several maps.



Russian Ecotourism Offer on the International Market

Basanets L. P.

Ecotourism offer review is valuable for comparison of ecotourism potential of a territory and the level of its implementation. The results of the review can be useful for Russian tour operators when planning their development strategies and choosing new directions, product line extension and forming adequate price policy.

Tourism and recreation: fundamental and practical studies - III International Conference, 2008


Ecotourism Resourses, Current State and Development Problems of the Northern Cuacasus in Comparison with Other Russian Regions

Basanets L. P.

An evaluation of ecotourism potencial on the Northern Caucasian regions of Russia and its comparison with the current ecotourism offer are undertaken. Possible ways of ecotourism development are traced.

Pp. 188 - 194. Strictly protected nature areas de velopment and tourism in the Northern Caucasus: International conference papers. Ed. V. V. Kovalev, S. A. Trepet. - Maikop: OOO Kachestvo, 2008. - 308 p.


Ecological Tourism in National Parks and Reserves of Russia: Tendencies of Development and Management problems

Buivolov Yu. A., Basanets L. P.

Actual trends of ecotourism development in state nature reserves and national parks are analysed based on numbers of visitors, most popular types of tourism, revenues, infrastructure and other characteristics during years 2000 – 2005. The reasons of positive changes are established and some comments on the management system weak points are made.

Environmental Planning and Management, # 4 (5) / 2007, p. 39 - 45.


Touristic Environmental Management, Ecological Imperative and Potential of Russia.

Drozdov A. V., Basanets L. P.

Ecotourism development potencial was evaluated for every administrative region of the Russian Federation. The evaluation was based on eleven quantitative indices, the latter were grouped in three blocks of natural, socio-economic and tourism infrastructure characteristics. The evaluation was put into marks. The regions were ranked and characterized by the structure of their potential. Maps were made for every block of the ecotourism potential comprehending the area of the country in 1 :30 000 000 scale.
The regions were grouped in six types, two of which were divided into subtypes according to the structure of their potential. Adjacent regions with similar structure of potential were combined into ecotourism regions. Thirty ecotourism regions can be marked out on the territory of Russia. They are represented as well on map of 1 :30 000 000 scale. The location, size and configuration of the ecotourism regions are characterized. The factors that form the regions are described. The ecotourism potential of the regions is compared to the ecological tours supply in the Internet including regional administrations' websites. Coincidence and convergence are marked out and construed; recommendations are made on further development of ecotourism.

Transition to Sustainable Development at the Global, Regional and Local Levels: World Experience and the Problems of Russia. Moscow: KMK Scientific Press Ltd. 2006. 448 p.


Ecotourism Development in Latin America

Basanets L. P.

The article is focused on the Latin American countries’ ecological tourism development and its characteristics. Prerequisites of its development in the region are defined, the difficulties of the application are described and the possible ways to overcome them are viewed. The understanding of ecotourism development peculiarities and the problems that come within may be useful when elaborating ecological tourism programs in Russia.

Regional ecology problems. #3, 2005. P. 92 - 100.


Guidebook: "Green ring of Moscow"

Ecological travel center

In this guidebook one can find a brief information about nature reserves and national parks included in the “Ring”. There are tour programs of the parks, key sites of interest and contact information for hotels, exhibitions, and museums as well as transportation information. We have also added some  natural, historical and cultural facts, which are outside of the program boundaries but may be of interest for the visitor.

Moscow, AST-PRESS BOOK, 2003.-48pg.:ill.



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