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Sayan ring

Region: Sayan Mountains 

The route crosses Oglakhty section of the reserve. It is situated on the left bank of Enisey river - the main river of the Middle Siberia. Oglakhtinskaya fortress walls cultural complex is situated here; its walls are 20 km long. There are several archeological sites inside it.
The program includes visit to Ulug-Kol closed saline lake. It is a shallow bitter-salted lake one meter deep, the area is about 700 ha. Red Book sandpiper is registered here. Saker falcons, eagles and cranes can frequently be seen there. Uluk-Gol lake is a Key Ornithological territory of international importance. During spring and autumn migration periods thousands of ducks, gooses, swans and sandpipers rest here.
Salbikskie ancient burial mounds complex is situated not far away. The complex has another name - Kings Valley, and it is very interesting to visit the site.

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Itkul lake
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Belio Lake Sector
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85000 rub

accommodation in tents, FB (traditional meals made from local organic meat and dairy products, vegetables, honey), Russian guide, transportation, banya (Russian sauna), entrance fee to the reserve

transport to the reserve; English-speaking guide; anything not mentioned in "INCLUDED" section

Additional services, expenses:

English-speaking guide is available upon request.

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tourist camp

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