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Boris Sheftel info@ecotravel.ru

Boris Sheftel

Boris is one of the Russian ecotourism founder, ideological leader of ETC. He is also world known zoologist, specialist in shrews. Most time of life he is spending in scientific expeditions and thus he is absolutely irreplacable when we develop our new ecological routes. Specialization - Explorer's Expeditions.

Vladimir Arkhipov info@ecotravel.ru

Vladimir Arkhipov

Vladimir is the best friend of all birds. From the very childhood he lost hisself in the forests, got in touch with birds and now speaks perfectly their language. He graduated from Tver State University. At present he is senior scientist in Institute of theoretical and experimental biophysics RAS. He had published a number of articles about ornithology and he is one of the leading specialist in Russia in bioacousctics. Specialization - Birdwatching, Explorer's Expeditions, Bamboo eco-tours.

Antonina Alexandrova info@ecotravel.ru

Antonina Alexandrova

Tonya is a great biologist, her theme is cancer reserch. Her huge experience gained in expeditions all around the globe is precious for us when we plan another trip. Many ETC expeditions has been realised under her sensitive guideness. Specialization - Explorer's Expeditions.

Lidia Nikishina info@ecotravel.ru

Lidia Nikishina

Lida - is the keeper of the keys for ETC's financials. She is a tourism and finance professional. In her free time she enjoys fishing on the Yenisey and going on safari in Thailand and Egypt. She has travelled through Africa, India and some other countries. Specialization - Catch & Release Fishing and Rafting, Bamboo eco-tours.

Sergei Grigoriev info@ecotravel.ru

Sergei Grigoriev

Sergei - A traveler with vast experience and our irreplaceable leader. Sergei is a creator of new ecotourism ideas in Russia. He graduated from Moscow State University's Soil-Science Department, but his knowledge is not limited only to underground life. He spent half his life in the taiga along the Yenisey river and the other half exploring Russia and the rest of the world. He is familiar with every fish on the Yenisey and its currents. Sergei is a member of nearly every Ecotourism and Conservation Associations. Specialization - Catch & Release Fishing and Rafting, Explorer's Expeditions, Bamboo eco-tours.

Andrei Moroz info@ecotravel.ru

Andrei Moroz

Andrei is generating extreme tours for ETC. He had organised and participated in numerous scientific expeditions in the Arctic, Siberia and Mongolia in the past. Besides, he is a good skier and experienced fisherman. At present he is developing fascinating trips in south-east Asia. Specialization - Catch & Release Fishing and Rafting, Explorer's Expeditions, Bamboo eco-tours.


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