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Garya Lidzhiev info@ecotravel.ru

Garya Lidzhiev

Garya was born, grew up and still live in Kalmykia, which beauty he glorifies in his photo works. The photography became his hobby early in school and now he is the chairman of the Kalmykia photo union, memeber of Russion Union of Wildlife photograthers. His credo is to grant people the wildlife miracle and show the beauty of the Kalmykian steppe to many people all over the world. His pictures are annunally exhibited in Russian national photo exhibitions and he had personal exhibitions in Mongolia, China, India, Taiwan, USA, Finland, Hungary, Austria. Specialization - Caspian plain, Chernie Zemli Reserve.

Sergey Karpukhin info@ecotravel.ru

Sergey Karpukhin

Sergey was born in Bashkiriya, graduated from Moscow Geological Institute where he learned how to explore very wild and unknown places in Russia. He leads photoexpeditions to such places nowadays. The goal of the trips is to picture unique attractive landscapes. He is professional traveller and photografer for over 40 years now. Specialization - Eastern Siberia, Caucasus, Urals, Alania National Park, Magadansky Reserve.

Denis Bogomolov info@ecotravel.ru

Denis Bogomolov

Denis is proffesional photographer, journalist and travel photograther. He research and photograph wild nature in Russia and beyond during past 25 years. His favorite destinations are Ukok plateau, Donana park, Aland islands and vast territories on the south-west of Tavan-Bogdo-Ula mountains. He cooperates with WWF, UNESCO, GEO and Vokrug Sveta magazines and numerous internet resources. Specialization - Altai, Green Ring of Moscow, Smolenskoe Poozerie National Park .


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