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Galichiya Gora Reserve

Region: Chernozemie 

Lipetsk region, Zadonsky district

It was created in 1925 to preserve unique flora of the typical forest steppe. Russian guard post was situated here since 16 century. The hill was inhabited by many birds, especially by jackdaws. The name of the hill and the reserve comes from that fact - the translation of the reserve title is Jackdaw mountain.

Geographical highlights
The reserve is situated in Lipetsk region. The boundaries were established in 1969. The reserve comprises 6 parts with the total area 231 ha. It is located on the Middle Russian Plain in the basin of the Don river. Mainly the zapovednik is located on the steep slope of the Don river valley.

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Flora and Fauna
It has a great diversity of plants. Oak, lime, birch and pine forests are next to steppe and rocks of the limestone. On some slopes plant vertical zones are marked. Forests cover 114 ha, grasslands and steppe 110 ha, reservoirs 7 ha of the area. Flora comprises 1025 species; a lot of rare species are among them. Fauna is not abundant because of small total area of the zapovednik. Foxes, badgers, hares, wild boars, elks, red deers are usual in this area. The population of birds consists of both forest species and steppe species. Birds of pray are represented by black kite, duck hawk, kerstrel, pallid harrier.

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