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To the Lands of Lakes and Waterfalls

Region: Altai 
Reserve: Katunsky Reserve 

Multinskie lakes cascade situated at Katunsky reserve is part of "Golden mountains of Altay" UNESCO World Heritage Object. These strikingly beautiful lakes are of easy access. You will get to highland snow-patches and glaciers, see numerous lakes and waterfalls, learn to go horse-riding.

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Yurt (nomads tents)
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Rock painting
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Day 1

Meeting at Barnaul, transfer to Ust-Koksa along Chuisky road. Along the way you will see plain steppes of Altay region and all main types of mountain landscapes except highland while crossing three mountain passes situated at more than 1500 m high. Accommodation at a hotel.

Day 2

Excursion to Katunsky reserve main building. Transfer by car to Maralnik village (30 km) by Uimonskaya valley and Multa river valley. There you change to horses to get to reserve's ranger's house at Srednemultinskoe lake (17 km, 4 hours). It is possible to see wild animals during the rout (bears, roes, and rare bird species).
Banya, swimming. Night in tents.

Day 3

Walking excursion to Verkhnemultinskoe lake situated at 1773 m accompanied by reserve's guide (7 km one way). Verkhnemultinskoe is a tarn lake, surrounded by peaks with glaciers and snow-patches. There are a lot of waterfalls of up to 30 m high on the streams flowing down to the lake.
Back to the ranger’s house. Banya, swimming. Night in tents.

Day 4

Walking excursion to Poperechnoe lake accompanied by reserve's guide (7 km one way).
On the way you will see two powerful waterfalls at poperechnaya river.
Back to the ranger’s house. Banya, swimming. Night in tents.

Day 5

Walking in the surroundings of Srednemultinskoe lake, boat trip, banya, relaxation.

Day 6

Horse trip to Maralnik village, then by car to Ust-Koksa. Accommodation at a hotel.

Day 7

Visit to Siberian stag nursery at Terekta village (30 km one way), observing animals, horse-back riding. Visit to ethnographical museums at Verh-Uimon.
Back to Ust-Koksa.

Day 8

Transfer to Barnaul.


on request for groups from 2 PAX
accommodation at a hotel (3 nights) and tents; FB (traditional plates made of local products: meat, dairy products, vegetables, honey); Russian guide; hourses and boats rent; transfers, banya (Russian sauna), entrance fees to the reserve, excursion to Siberian stag nursery

Air-tickets Moccow - Barnaul - Moscow, insurance, English-speaking guide; anything not included in INCLUDED section



Dates and duration can be modified on your request.

General info:


hotel, camps




microbus, boats, horses

summer - autumn

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