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Polar night embrace expedition

Region: European North 
Reserve: Nenets Reserve 

«Покажи мне настоящий Север!» - именно такое желание у всех, кто приезжает в Нарьян-Мар. Мывас не разочаруем и на этот раз. Уникальный тур, а если точнее – настоящая снегоходная экспедиция, во время которой вы окунетесь во всю глубину арктической зимы. Что нас ждет:бескрайние просторы тундры и великой реки-кормилицы Печоры, знакомство с реальной жизнью кочевого народа - ненцев, посещение действующей заполярной метеостанции, заброшенного советского поселка-призрака и старинного маяка. Значительную часть пути нас будет сопровождать Баренцево море. Маршрут уникален своей практически девственной нетронутостью. Сейчас в эти места добирается всего несколько десятков человек в год, войти в число счастливчиков можете и вы!

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Polar night
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1 day

09:00 Meeting in the meeting point of the airport Vas’kovo (Arkhangelsk).
Flight from Arkhangelsk to “Letnyaya Zolotitsa”.
Accommodation. Lunch.
Excursion around the hotel territory. Dinner.

2 day

Excursion to Konyuchova Bay.
White whales, ringed seals, bearded seals, bears and foxes come here.
This place with virgin nature is peculiar resort for ringed seals. Here they warm themselves on the coastal stones in the silent sunny days and make rookeries.
You can observe white whales here. For its melodiousness white whale is sometimes called “sea canary”.
Also you can try to catch plaice with you foot during ebb. Locals call it “trampling plaice down”.
Dinner and overnight stay in the nature or in the fishing hut.

3 day

Return to the hotel across Satanskiy Cape along the seashore.
There are nice boulders, “dancing” trees and beautiful landscapes at Satanskiy and Cherniy Navolok Capes. Among the boulders you can see the slabs of the Stone Age. You can watch birds and sea mammals here. Lunch and tea drinking in the fishing hut. Return along Satanskiy creek across the forest (about 1,5 hour) or along the seashore (7 km). There are nice moss-grown boulders in the forest. The meeting with a bear is likely. You can watch birds. Golden Root grows among the stones on the way.

4 day

Walking trip to the relict taiga. During the trip we will visit the places of local herbalists and fisherwomen (6-8 km along the river). At Pavnas (in 2 km) there is a nice shore (meadow). Its nice place for having rest and fishing. The next stop is near Usacheva island on the high shore.
Lunch, fishing.
The next part of the way goes across a pine forest and lead to the confluence of two rivers. There is a sand bar, very picturesque landscape, light nights and good fishing. Tea drinking. During the season you can gather berries, mushrooms and medicinal plants here. Overnight by the fire is possible. Continue the trip and observe the life of the forest. You can get to know better the organized life of ants and meet anthills of the human stature. Also you can explore forest system such as nature of the forest stand and undergrowth, vegetation and relict and endemic plants. Lunch in the nature. Return to the hotel. The route passes through a stone of harmony. It is a unique stone of 1,5x1,5 m size divided into half by the strip of the other rock (grey boulder with a red strip). This stone harmonizes relations and balances the work of two cerebral hemispheres. The next stop on the route is a nice meadow where fragrant spiraea grows. High white with cream fluffy flowers always have been considered the adornment of Russian landscape. The blossoming of spiraea lasts till the end of the summer. It is possible to make a stop for gathering herbs and drink tea.

5 day

Excursion to the island Ghighgin. There are many interesting biological objects. For example, from the lighthouse you can watch ringed seals lying on the coastal stones. Seals inhabit near the island and their number here counts from tens to two hundred individuals. You can see seals resting, hunting (surrounding fish flights), swimming up to boats and white whales. White whales are observed at the coastal areas of the island Ghighgin where they hunt. As scientists say one can observe to 20 individuals at the same time here. In addition, there is a large colony of birds at the island and there is the biggest colony of Arctic Tern in Russia (13 – 15 thousands). Here hundreds of gulls, eiders, sandpiper, a few couples of skuas build their nests here. Grandiose sight which one can watch almost every day is coming flying of ernes from Onega peninsula for hunting. Ground and coastal vegetation of the island is also interesting. Here you can watch diverse vegetable communities from meadows to tundra. You can see protected species (orchids, globeflowers). Phenological peculiarity of vegetation is also interesting. The island Ghighgin has rich history: late Stone Age, rich lootsman history, GULAG, the culture of Pomorye. Lunch, dinner and overnight stay in the lighthouse.

6 day


88 000 RUB
Accommodation, meals according to the program, excursions and transportaion, border zone permitions, visa support, medical insurance, equipment rent.
Tickets to Naryan-Mar, personal expences, additional activities.


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