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To Taimenie Lake - on Snowmobiles - Katunsky Reserve

Region: Altai 
Reserve: Katunsky Reserve 

Taimenie lake is the largest on Katunsky mountain range. It is included in UNESCO nature heritage object "Golden mountains of Altai" and has status of regional nature monument. The way to the lake runs through the unspoiled territories. The closest village is 115 km away from the lake.

Our guides


1st day

Meeting in Barnaul, transfer to Ust-Koks (650 km).
Accomodation at a hotel. Dinner (traditional dishes), banya.

2nd day

Transfer to Maralovodka (30 km). Snowmobile trip along Katun river (82 km, 5 hours).
Accomodation, dinner, banya.

3rd day

Transfer to Taimenie lake (22 km, 2 hs). Accomodation at a guest house, dinner (barbeque).

4th day

Snowmobile trip around the lake. Ascent to the waterfall on Solokha river. Ice fishing. Banya.

5th day

Ice fishing. Snowboard trip around the lake. Dinner, banya.

6th day

Return to Maralovka on snowmobiles, ransfer to Ust-Koks.
Accomodation at a hotel, banya.

7th day

Transfer to Verkhny Uimon, visit to Regional museum of N. and E. Rerikh, Old Beleivers museum.
Accomodation at a hotel, banya.

8th day

Transfer to Barnaul.

accomodation in lodges and guest houses, meals (traditional local food: lamb, venison, cheeses, fish (grayling), herbal infussions, honey, mulse), guide, snowmobile, equipment, fishing, banya (Russian sauna), entrance fee to the reserve.



It is possible to adjust dates according to your request.


General info:

8 days

lodges, guest houses



5 - 6

bus, snowmobile

february - march

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