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Flying landlords of the Kola s tundra

Region: Kola peninsula 

With patience and luck, one third part of the bird species in Russia can be found on the Kola peninsula. Some of them are rare, seasonal migrants, inhabit the vast tundra, mountains and forests of the peninsula and the shores of the White and Barents seas.
The tour program includes all the key bird habitats of the region, over 200 of which will be seen by the luckiest travellers.
The most fruitful periods, in the frame of the birds numbers, are spring and fall migrations in May and September, but those who come to the Kola penisula in summer have an advantage of the most comfortable weather conditions and of watching the offspring.
Professional local ornithologist leading the group during the whole trip. He will help in finding birds including rare species.

Our guides Total birds list Check list June 2017 , Check list July 2017

Photogallery of tour:

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Arctic Tern
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Common Eider
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1 Day

Arrival in Kandalaksha. Accommodaion in a hotel.
14:00 Lunch.
15:00 Walking tour to Kandalakshsky nature reserve. Birding.
17:00 Transfer by bus to Palkina Guba bay. Birding.
20:00 Return to the hotel in Kandalaksha.
21:00 Dinner.

2 Day

08:00 Breakfast.
Bus trip Lovenga -Kolvitsa. Birding.
14:00 Lunch in a cafe.
Bus trip Kolvitsya -Pogost - Kashkarantsy. Birding.
Accommodation in Kashkarantsy. Dinner.

3 День

08:00 Breakfast.
09:00 - 14:00 Birding in Kashkarantsy and Olenitsya.
14:00 Lunch in a cafe.
15:00 Bus trip to Poriy Les, birding.
Return to Kashkarantsy, dinner.

4 Day

08:00 Breakfast.
Transfer to Khibiny mountains, lunch in a cafe on the way.
Birding stop in Laplansky nature reserve.
Accommodation in a hotel in Kirovsk. Dinner.

5 Day

08:00 Breakfast.
Walking tour along the Aikuavenchyok river valley.
13:00 Lunch.
14:00 Birding in a botanical garden.
19:00 Dinner.

6 Day

08:00 Breakfast.
Transfer to Teriberka. Birding in tundra on the way.
13:00 Accommodation, lunch.
14:00 Birding in Teriberka.
19:00 Dinner.

7 Day

08:00 Breakfast.
09:00 Walking tour to a waterfall in Teriberka.
Transfer to Murmansk.
14:00 Lunch, accommodation.
15:00 Birding in the Kola bay.
19:00 Dinner.

8 Day


Transportation, accommodation, full board, guiding.
Trip to Kandalaksha and from Murmansk, alcoholic bevareges, personal expences, medical insurance.


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