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Region: European North 

The program takes you for the journey to the Russian North, very particular cultural region. You will see Pochozersky churchyard, one of very few ensembles with diagonal space composition left in Russia. Travelling by boat along Kenozero lake you will visit ancient Russian villages, see churches and chapels, get to know ancient rites and traditions.
It is a journey in space and time that will let you get in touch with the Relic Russia.

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Traditional Towels
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Day 1

10:30 Meeting at Nyandoma railway station. Transfer to Kargopol (80 km).
11:30 Excursion around Kargopol.
13:00 Lunch in a cafe.
14:00 Transfer to Lyadiny (37 km).
14:30 Excursion to Children E'thnographic museum.
16:00 Transfer to Kenozero national park (40 km). Accommodation in the Visit center.
17:30 Walking tour around Morshihinskaya village.
19:00 Dinner.
20:00 Russian sauna.

Day 2

09.00 Breakfast.
09:30 Eco-museum.
10:30 Bus excursion to Maselga. Here, on the watershed of the Baltic and the White sea, on the highest point of the Lekshmozero area a church built in XIX centure stand. On the way to it we also watch art-objects of the Kenart festival.
13:00 Picnic lunch.
14:00 Ecological trail along 5 lakes. Tranfer back to Morshikhinskaya.
19:00 Dinner.

Day 3

09:00 Breakfast.
09:30 Interactiv excursion to Kenozero birulki park - copies of the main Kenozero monumets.
10:30 Ecological trail - Trail of thoughts.
13:00 Lunch.
14:00 Ecologicals trail of anthills.
18:00 Dinner.

Day 4

09.00 Breakfast.
09:30 Tranfer to Plesetsk part pf the park (250 km). Accommodation.
14:00 Lunch.
15:00 Excursion around Vershinino village. Lumber Storehouse Museum: here you will learn the history of old strange things.
18:00 Dinner.
19:00 Stories from Samovar.

Day 5

09:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Boat excursion around Kenozero: visit to St. Vlasiy chapel (XIX cent.), juniper valley on Medvezhiy island (the biggest island of the park), St. John the Divine chapel (XVIII cent.) in Zekhnovo village, "cross" chapel (XIX cent., the smallest chapel in Russia) and St. Paraskevia chapel in Tirishkino village.
14:00 Dinner.
15:30 "Literature in Kenozerie" exposition is dedicated to local traditional epics and famous investigators of the northern folclore Gilferding, Rybnikov, Nechaeva and Kharuzina.
18.00 Dinner.

Day 6

09:00 Breakfast.
10.00 Transfer to Filippovskaya village with a stop at a wish tree.
11.40 - 13.00 Excursion to the architectural complex of Pechorsky churchyard (XVIII - XIX cent.). It is a unique monument of federal level, one of five triple ansambles left at the Russia North. Visit to an ancient cemetery, Kirik and Ulita chapel (XIX cent.).
12:00 Picnik at Pochozero lake.
14:00 excursion around Kenozero: visit to the Holy Spirit chapel (XIX cent.) situated between two hills where villages were situated before and between two bays, Presentation of the Holy Virgin chapel (XIX cent.) in Ryzhkovo village.
15:00 Centre for trades and handicrafts in Ust-Pocha village. Here you will have tee with traditional pies and pancakes, a folclore concert and a class on local technology of birch braiding.
19:00 Dinner.

Day 7

09:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Transfer to Pocha village (30 min). Excursion to the master house. Master–class of hand-made traditional dolls. Tranfer back to Vershinino.
14:00 Lunch.
15:00 Visit to Egorovna - local woman keeping the secrets of traditional living.
19:00 Dinner.
20.00 Transfer to Plesetskaya railway station.(3 – 3,5 hours, 180 km).


on request for groups from 2 PAX
transfer, accommodation, meals, excursions, banya (Russian sauna).
transport to / from the starting point, excursion in Kargopol and Lyadiny, transfers, English speaking guide.

Additional services, expenses:

banya (Russian sauna), boat rent, fishing.
It is possible to extend your stay in the park .

General info:


guest houses




bus, motor boat

spring - autumn

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