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To the Epicentre of Tunguska Explosion

Region: Eastern Siberia 
Reserve: Tungus Reserve 

Prepare yourself for a wonderful journey to discover some of the secrets of Tungus reserve. This protected area is world-famous because a cosmic object exploded here in 1908. The object is known by a conditional name of Tungus meteorite. The nature of Tungus phenomenon remains unclear till now, each year scientists arrive to the place of catastrophe to investigate and try to solve the riddle.
Even if you are not a scientist you can get there and offer your own hypothesis of what happened more than one hundred years ago.

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After 100 years
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Forest refuge
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Day 1

Arrival to Vanavara.
MI-8 helicopter flight to Cheko lake. We leave the main part of the equipment here and fly to Pristan cordon. Accommodation.
13.00 Lunch.
Sight-seeing around the cordon: ethnographic objects, Kulik house historical complex.
Taiga banya (Russian sauna). 18.00 Dinner.

Day 2

10.00 Breakfast. Visit to the epicentre, excursion around Kulik house complex.
13.00 Lunch. Ascend to Farrington mount (522 m) - the highest peak of the reserve.
18.00 Dinner. Rest.

Day 3

Day 4

10.00 Breakfast. 2 km hike, stop at Churgim waterfall.

Day 5


on request
accommodation, tourist equipment rent, reserve entrance fee
air tickets, alcoholic beverages, English-speaking translator, medical insurance.



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forest refuge, tents





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