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Clients comments about tour Yenisey Meridian


author - Prof. Dr. Jorg Pfadenhauer, Germany.

The Chair of Vegetation Ecology, Department of Ecology at the Technische Universitat Munchen, undertook with a group of 27 students (landscape planning, biology) from 17.08.2000 till 08.09.2000 a scientific excursion to the Enisey River in Siberia.  More about


author - Anita Rosengren, leader of Naturvetarklubben. Finland

A group of young naturalists from Finland made in June-July 2000 an excursion along the river Yenisey from Kasnoyarsk to Dudinka and further on to Norilsk and to the Lake Melkoe.  More about


author - Dr. Evgeny A. Shvarts, Director of Conservation, WWF

Ecological Travel Center - ETC - (one of it's founders is the largest in Russia environmental NGO - Biodiversity Conservation ...  More about


author - Prof. Dr. H. Plachter. Philipps University Marburg, Germany.

From 14th August to 5lh September 1999 we conducted a students' excursion to Central Siberia. 29 students and 4 collaborators of Marburg University participated in the excursion which started in Moscow. From there we traveled to Norisk, Dudinka and up the Yenisey by ship to Krasnoyarsk. By railway we went to Irkutsk, the Baikalskiy Zapovednik at the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, to Ulan-Ude, and by plane back to Moscow.  More about


General info:

30 Days

hotels 3*, guest houses, tents

full board

15 - 30

plane, boats, bus


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