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Mini guidebook life to Russian national parks and nature reserves


Celebrating 100 years anniversary of preservation system of Russia we launch project in our Facebook

Every working day starting January 9, 2017 we publish on our  Facebook a short guide to one of the preserved area in Russia. 
We describe our experience in these publications and have an aim to show tourists the most increadible features of Russian nature parks and reserves. We hope that every publication become a platform for exchange information, pictures, travel reports between tourists who had already visited a reserve, who's going to vistit and staff of national park or reserve.  
Feel free to post your reports, comments and questions, share pictures and likes, we can't live without them nowadays. 
 By the end of the year, when all 153 publications are made, and it's the total number of the preserved territories in Russia,  we'll be able to gather together all the published info and produce the most vivid guidebook to Russian national park and reserves.

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